ZacTheLocust is a Punk/Rock band from South Wales, UK and are signed to SWND Records.

After years and years of writing songs, but never having the opportunity to turn them into anything but home recorded demos, Keryn Isaac felt it was time to call upon some musicians from the South Wales music scene and start taking things seriously.

Keryn Isaac began recording with John Harrison on drums. They began working on Keryns songs and demos were recorded at Channel View, Johns home studio setup.

March 2020 was booked for a studio session at Redrocks Recording Studio with Engineer and Producer Lyndon Price, but due to the Covid 19 outbreak this had to be put on hold.

Later that year between August and September, Keryn and John went to Redrocks recording studio in Pengam, South Wales. The music for 5 songs was recorded with Lyndon as recording engineer and producer. Vocals were recorded at John’s home recording set up as well as new songs. A band of musicians was put together but after a few line up changes, the guys parted ways soon after.

During 2021 more songs were written and recorded at Channel View. These will all be included on the album.

In April 2021 ZacTheLocust signed to South Wales Record Label SWND. October 2021 will see the band release their debut album with the label. “Years In The Making” is 10 songs of punk rock, some of which were written over 15 years ago.

From July 2021 onwards Dai Priday, Gavin Rees and Ashley Turner have joined ZacTheLocust and rehearsals will start with gigs lined up starting with a debut at The Swansea Fringe Festival in October.

Drawing influences from a wide variety of bands from Green day to Metallica, Blink 182 to Rancid, The Offspring to The Clash, Nirvana to Sum 41 and many, many more!! Zacthelocust’s sound is punk/rock with big chorus’s and melody.

Zacthelocust is…..

Keryn Isaac – Lead Vocals and Guitars

A Taurus who enjoys tennis, frequent sex and summers in Rangoon.

Gavin Rees – Guitars and Backing Vocals

A supple wrist and a Herculean love of Gardening. A lover of French boulangerie and The Peruvian Condor.

Dai Priday – Bass

Slapping da bass, good looking, very successful and disease free.

Ashley Turner – Drums and Backing Vocals

A fan of luge lessons and a nice mature Stilton, he has a general malaise that only the genius possess………. and the insane lament.

Our music has already had and will continue to have radio airplay all over the world. Some stations we have featured on are Radio Candy Los Angeles, Greater Manchester rock radio, Smart Radio 101 (Song of the week for 5 weeks), Future Atlas Radio in Florida and New Mexico, Fasching Web Radio Canada, Banks Radio Australia, Bradley and Stoke FM, Wigwam Radio, Dapper Fm Aberdare, U and I Radio Cardiff, Mon FM in North Wales, KOR Radio Japan, Big Indie Giant Radio, EGH Radio, Moreish TV on YouTube, Jacs Radio, Radio Tircoed 106.5 FM, Welsh Connections Radio show and many more.

NEW SINGLE out now

‘Golden State of Mind’

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Upcoming gigs and latest news

So today ZacTheLocust signed to a record label!!! I would like to thank everyone at SWND and Welsh Connections for all the support!! Really excited for the future and looking forward to working with you all!!Locust fans can expect a new single in September and our debut album in March […]
Hope all our fans enjoy the new website! More features are coming soon including a store where you can buy some ZTL gear!
16th January 2021 @7.30pm

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